Past Lives

Since the first MAGIC Live in 2001, our creative production team has pioneered many aspects of a magic convention that had never been done before – and some that have never been done since. Take a glimpse back at just a few of the scenes from the previous Lives.

In 2022, Derek DelGaudio is interviewed by Jason England.

Asi Wind taking us behind the scenes of one of his miracles, 2022.

Dani Daortiz redefines “experience” in the 2019 Close-up Experience.
Jay Sankey breaks down how to make the magic you, 2019.

Alex Ramon performs an unreal balancing act, 2022.

Charlie Caper shares the stage with a robotic friend, 2022.

Jade shares a special performance in 2019.

Paul Gertner was one of six well-known magician performing acts they did long before becoming well-known, 2022.

Paul Kieve and Laura London teamed up on an historical adventure, 2019.

Wayne Houchin takes the stage, 2015.

In 2019, Marco Tempest & Company dazzle attendees.
Read Chang guest stars in The Very Strange Monday Night Show, 2019.

Max Maven camps out in Tales of Terror, 2009.

David Copperfield, along with Jeffrey Williamson of the US Postal Service, unveils the 2018 Art of Magic Commemorative Stamps.

Who had more fun in 2019, Henry Evans or his audiences?  Gotta be a tie!
The Clairvoyants appear on 2019’s Live Onstage!
Guy Hollingworth hosting the 2019 Little Big Show in style.
Ted Kim combines live and virtual art, 2019.

An Allakazam moment, with Greg Wilson, in the 2011 history of the Sawing.

In 2001, Lance Burton interviewed Channing Pollock.

In 2019, Mark Randall breaks down creativity, as only he can.
In 2019, Cyril Takayama brought both East and West to our stage.

In 2011, most everyone attended From the Dark, but no one saw the show.

Pat Hazell pulls out a “coin” from behind the ear of a spectator, 2018.

Jack Goldfinger, 2013.

The 2009 dealers’ room, with props large and small.

Frances Willard, along with David Charvet, receives a standing ovation in 2018.

Hosts Julie Eng and Jonathan Levit with David Williamson, 2017.

In 2013, Jeff McBride interviewed Wayne Dobson onstage.

In 2017, magical puzzles came in 49 Boxes.

David Copperfield and his alien, 2015.

2011 brought the Carnival of Wonders show.

Guy Hollingworth presented Expert at the Card Table in 2009.

In 2017, a visiting elephant from Circus 1903.

Marvyn Roy in 2004, always electric.

The Blackstone Sawing recreated in 2011 by David Charvet.

A rare magic convention sighting of Steve Forte, Bill Malone, and Ron Conley, 2015.

In 2013, Yann Frisch clearly shows why he was the reigning FISM Grand-Prix Champion.

The inspiring Abbey Goldrake in 2017.

A small portion of the 2016 Museum.

Jinger Leigh-Kalin, 2016.

Ding Yang produces a dove then splits it – with her feet, 2018.

The 2013 theme was “Friends,” exemplified by Lance Burton and Mac King.

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