MAGIC Live 2013

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What happened at MAGIC Live 2013.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cover Party

The MAGIC Shop

Grand Prize Giveaway
Rory Johnston

Monday, August 12, 2013

General Session
Gene Anderson, host
“A Stranger No More,” Rory Johnston
“History of a Classic,” Gene Anderson
Goldfinger, performance
“The Magic Clerk,” Michael Carbonaro
“…Made You Care,” John Armato
“For What It’s Worth,” Mark Kornhauser
“Connecting the Dots,” Tina Lenert
“In Memory”

Focus Sessions
“Writing & Magic,” David Regal, Larry Wilmore
“Bent on Deception,” Mike Bent
“Creativity 2.0,” Mark Setteducati, Lubor Fiedler

Close-up Experience
Johan Ståhl
Simon Coronel
Denis Behr
Steve Valentine
Yann Frisch

Documentary Live
DeMystified: The Long Beach Mystics
Mike Caveney
Stan Allen
James Hamilton
Victor & Diamond
Michael Weber
Kalin & Jinger
Kevin James
Randy Pryor
David Deeble
Armando Lucero
Dana Daniels
Les Arnold & Dazzle

MAGIC Cabaret
David Williamson
John Carney

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

General Session
Justin Flom, host
Xavier Mortimer, performance
“Y Magic,” Payne
“Healing of Magic,” Kevin Spencer
“Ride a Viral Video to Television,” Justin Flom
“The Secret History of the Invisible Deck,” Bill Abbott
“Interview,” Wayne Dobson, with Jeff McBride

Focus Sessions
“Experts at the Card Table,” Allan Ackerman, Jason England, Steve Reynolds, R. Paul Wilson
“Les Amis,” Gaëtan Bloom, Kevin James
“Dove Work,” Johnny Thompson

Close-up Experience
Johan Ståhl
Simon Coronel
Denis Behr
Steve Valentine
Yann Frisch

Deceptive Practice: The Magic and Mentors of Ricky Jay
Molly Bernstein, Alan Edelstein

MAGIC Cabaret
David Williamson
John Carney

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

General Session
Michael Weber, host
“Directions,” Joanie Spina
Sir Pat-Trick, performance
“A Moment with Alan Edelstein,” with Michael Weber
“Paynefully Obvious,” Master Payne
“Psychic Surgery,” Fielding West
“One More Thing”
“50 Years at the Castle”

Focus Sessions
“Loving Mentalism,” Ian Rowland
“Talk About Tricks: Legacy,” Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin, Gregory Wilson
“Magie Nouvelle,” Raphaël Novarro, Valentine Losseau, Yann Frisch

Live Onstage
Topas, host
Erix Logan
Gaëtan Bloom
Danny Cole
Michael Carbonaro
Ted Kim
Paul Ponce
Yu Ho-Jin

Finally Party
The Great Tomsoni & Co.

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