August 4–7, 2024

As a 2023 registrant, you are eligible for Early Bird Registration.

How to Register

Our exclusive registration system allows you to sign up one of two ways:

1. Individual Registration

Simply register for yourself, then meet up with your friends at the event.

When registering as an Individual, you will need your email, phone number, mailing address, date of birth, and valid credit card information.

2. Group Registration

Being part of a Registration Group guarantees that you and your friends will all have the same show schedule, yet allows each of you to make your own financial arrangements. And only one of you needs to go online to get it all started. It’s a win/win/win, and it’s easy:

  1. Use “your favorite method” to talk to your friends about forming a Group.
  2. Together, select one person to be the Group Leader — let’s say, “Bill Jones.” (Everyone except Bill now waits patiently to receive their email invite to join Bill’s Group.)
  3. Bill makes sure he has the names and email addresses for everyone who will be joining the Group.
  4. While everyone else sits tight, Bill goes online and signs himself up (and anyone else in the Group that Bill is going to pay for).
  5. While online, Bill fills in a list of “invited guests” to join the Group (people Bill is not going to pay for).
  6. Bill then completes his online checkout, taking care of his own financial arrangements. He’s done.
  7. We send everyone on Bill’s list an email inviting them to join the Group. They have up to five days to follow the unique invitation link and complete their own registration. (They also can add a Dependent to their registration at this point, making financial arrangements for that person.)
  8. That’s it. The Bill Jones Group is all set to share the MAGIC Live experience.

When forming a Registration Group, you will need the following:

Leader (Primary) – For yourself, you will need your email, phone number, mailing address, date of birth, and valid credit card information.

Dependent(s) – For each additional person you choose to pay for, you will need their name, phone number, date of birth, and mailing address if available. Also, if the Dependent has a separate email, it’s a great way for us to keep them informed of upcoming details.

Invited Guest(s) – For each additional person you invite to join your Group, but who will be making their own financial arrangements, you will only need their name and email address.

Finally, during registration you will be asked to agree to our Terms & Conditions.

More questions? See our FAQ, or read About 2024.