Nielsen Magic has been in business since 1956, specializing in an exclusive line of magicians’ supplies. They are known for the Nielsen Vanishing Bottles, their manipulation supplies, the Nielsen Vanishing Dove Cage, and the Okito-Nielsen line of props. In 1991, they added magic posters to the business, and are now the number one source of original magic posters on the Internet. They buy, sell, and trade original magic posters, and also reproduce images from their private poster collection, which is the largest in the United States. Nielsen Magic is a mom-and-pop business, owned and managed by Norm and Lupe Nielsen, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most of their items are handcrafted by them in their workshop, and proudly made in the United States. Norm and Lupe have taken part in every MAGIC Live produced, and we look forward to having them join us in 2015.