2015 Dealers

The MAGIC Shop at MAGIC Live will offer over 50 of the world’s finest magic vendors, displayed as only MAGIC Live can. Here’s a peek at some of the dealers that will be coming to Las Vegas August 9-12, 2015.

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Axtell Expressions

Steve Axtell, and his team of ten, create puppets, magic, comedy props, and animatronic characters. Founded in 1982, Axtell Expressions is located in Southern California. Creativity and innovation are the two words that come to mind when you think of the Axtell product line, which includes Magic Drawing Board, Animatronic Toucan, The Talking Tree, Mic-Mouth, Off the Meter, and much more. They also make custom props and characters for entertainers all around the world. This will be Steve and friends third time at MAGIC Live!


Beckett Studios

Photographer Richard Faverty / Becket Studios will have a full photo studio setup at this year’s MAGIC Live, as he has in the past. Richard has had more photographs published in, and more covers on, MAGIC Magazine than any other photographer. You will recognize many of his promotional photos for magicians, because they are used for advertising magic in stage shows, corporate events, festivals, and galas all over the world. You can make advance reservations for a photo shoot during Live and discuss possible picture ideas by contacting Richard through his website.



Big Blind Media

Big Blind Media, who will be a vendor at MAGIC Live for the third time, is a magic media company dedicated to “producing the very best instructional DVDs and the coolest playing cards available today.” Formed by Owen Packard in 2004, the company ethos is to present the strongest, most innovative, and most workable magic around in the 21st century. With a background in music video and television production, Big Blind Media prides itself in being able to bring a glossy edge to its DVDs, and this has enticed some well-known names in the business to collaborate on projects — names like John Bannon, Gregory Wilson, and Joshua Jay. Big Blind Media is also home to the Karnival series of Bicycle Decks.


BJW Magical Jewelers

In 2004, BJW Magical Jewelers introduced their exclusive Magical Themed Jewelry available in sterling silver. Now, they offer exclusive items in 14k and 18k gold, as well as platinum. BJW’s line includes over 100 different designs, such as the Illusion Ring and Illusion Bracelet, the Linking Ring and Bracelet, a “Magic” Ring, Light Bulb Pendant, and Impossible Bracelet and Necklace. These magical pieces, available for both men and women, are handcrafted for the magician and the magic enthusiast. The company is made up of three partners — Gay Blackstone, Harriet Jacobson, and Robbie Willmarth. Together, they’re celebrating ten years in business, and are looking forward to seeing you at their third MAGIC Live!


Cesaral Magic

Cesaral Magic is the result of twenty years of dedication of César Alonso in the worlds of computers, engineering, design, production, and communication. It is the continuous challenge of magic and the beauty of its art that drives him to be a leader in the magic industry, taking each effect to its maximum expression, serving magicians worldwide and providing them with the highest quality and service. Winner of the FISM Invention Award 2006, Cesaral Magic also manufactures custom projects for magicians around the world. This will be their first time as a dealer at MAGIC Live!



Dan and Dave Industries

Dan and Dave Industries was founded in 2001, and has grown from a brand associated with a small selection of videotapes into one of the finest purveyors of advanced sleight-of-hand magic and luxury playing cards. Not only a magic retailer, Dan and Dave Industries acts as a lifestyle brand and design firm, producing high quality products, apparel, and accessories for magicians, cardists, and anyone interested in our esoteric art form. Known for their visual style, Dan and Dave Buck strive to provide the best resources and experiences for their customers and fans. They have rejuvenated some of the more rare and highly guarded material from some of the greatest creators and performers of our time, including Juan Tamariz and Guy Hollingworth. They are constantly working to push magic forward.



Daytona Magic

Daytona Magic started back in 1966 in Philadelphia as a magic and joke shop. In 1976, owners Irv Cook and Harry Allen moved their families to Florida, where they’ve been ever since. The shop carries a complete line of 20,000 magic items from pocket tricks for the kids to large-scale stage illusions for the professionals. Their master craftsmen produce over 600 quality magic items used the world over. They also buy used magic, and sell on consignment. Daytona Magic has been a vendor at every MAGIC Live dating back to 2001.



DTrik was founded by Wayne Dobson in 2005. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, his vibrant and successful magic career in British television was cut short. However, Wayne decided not to let his illness get the better of him and went on to invent and release incredible magic. Unable to perform these effects himself, Wayne found joy in watching magicians from all over the world benefit from his creations. With the help of his business partner, Mike Sullivan, Wayne still creates and lectures worldwide. After the success of his 2013 Magic Live interview with Jeff McBride, Wayne and Mike are back. They’re bringing with them some of their best releases, including Wayne’s masterpiece The Definitive Collection, which covers everything from Wayne’s life, all of his published works, plus brand new material.



Deceptively Simple

In 2011, two guys from the Midwest decided that there wasn’t a good way for the variety performer to control their music. They felt the market needed a high-end device engineered around Apple products (iPod, iPhone, iPad) that would offer a secure and reliable means of controlling music and sound effects from hundreds of feet away. In the fall of 2013, that idea became Cue Command from Deceptively Simple, Inc. The company continues to innovate the product by coming out with new features for the app every few months. This will be Deceptively Simple’s first trip to MAGIC Live!


Fantasma Magic

Fantasma Magic has been in business since 2001, designing and producing custom products for over fourteen years, and is now the leading manufacturer of custom-made magic kits and tricks for the children. The shop carries the latest and greatest magic tricks in the business from the best artists in the industry for magicians. With an extensive line of magic effects, props, books, cutting-edge decks of cards and DVDs, Fantasma is dedicated to providing all magicians with the tools and techniques they need to amaze audiences and grow as entertainers.




Florida Magic & Sound

Since 1985, thousands of performers have relied on Florida Magic & Sound to supply them with a portable PA system that is compact, easy to use, of the highest quality, and with the most usable features — all at an affordable price. Headed by Dan Christopher, a working performer with a twenty-year background in the music retail industry and electronics design, Florida Magic & Sound carries a full line of sound systems and accessories designed with the performing artist in mind. This knowledge and experience allows them to supply the system that will be right for you, and makes FM&S your best choice when you’re ready to upgrade your show and professional image.



G Sparks Magic

Sparks has been selling creative magic inventions worldwide since the 1989 PCAM convention in Santa Barbara, California. His Airborne With The Greatest of Ease and Bullet Catch 22 are his signature pieces. When he adds his “spark” to a trick, the magic really does happen. This is first time at MAGIC Live, where he promises fun new tricks with dice, money, and remote controls.



Happie Amp

Happie Amp was established in 2003 by Brian Happie Foshee as a little side business. Since then, it’s grown to have a life of its own, and now Happie Amp products can be found worldwide. Over 2,000 Happie Amps have been sold, and Brian’s line of amps and devices continues to grow, including Happie Amp, UHF Pro, and Jr. Pro. In 2010, Brian set out to create an mp3 player with fully customized remote designed specifically for entertainers. It took one year to find a factory and to assemble the team, and another year to get it in production. The result is that Ultimate Control is now part of the Happie Amp family. Brian feels that two things set his company apart — he puts customers first, and he loves what he does! We welcome Happie Amp as a new vendor at MAGIC Live 2015!


Invisible Threads

Conjured up by a small group of individuals in the Chicago performing arts field, and inspired by vaudeville and theater, Invisible Threads is a unique apparel company.

Each shirt is designed and printed in Chicago by Invisible Threads using the finest, high-quality printing equipment, and incorporating their signature “Spotlight” and “Backstage” techniques, tagless I.Tlabel, and care tag. From bold, parody designs to subtle graphic tees, there’s a look for everyone. At the 2013 convention, Invisible Threads featured special MAGIC Live polo shirts. And they’re promising something new for 2015.




Kevin James

Kevin James is currently being featured in the hit touring show The Illusionists and is very happy that the tour is on a summer break, allowing him to have some fun at Magic Live! He is known for his crazy and unusual ideas. Several of his creations have become modern-day classics like Bowl-a-rama, The Floating Rose, Perrier with a Twist, and the Snow Animator series.  He has also collaborated on products with some very creative friends like Gaetan Bloom and Sylvester the Jester. Kevin is a longtime Magic Live dealer.




J B Magic

Mark Mason has owned and operated J B Magic since 1988. Starting as a small joke shop, J B Magic quickly grew to be United Kingdom’s leading magic shop. His line of products includes cards, coins, mentalism, and stand-up material, and because his methods are both creative and ingenious, he has produced and marketed effects for many of the world’s leading magicians. Mark and his wife, Tricia, now living in Florida, continue to travel the globe together, appearing at magic conventions and magic clubs. Mark is recognized as one of the finest demonstrators of magic ever. Don’t miss your chance to see his miracles right before your eyes.



Kaufman and Company

Headed by Richard Kaufman, editor and publisher of Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine, Kaufman and Company has been publishing fine books on magic since 1977. Kaufman has produced many of today’s modern classics, such as CoinMagic, CardMagic, The Complete Works of Derek Dingle, The Secrets of Brother John Hamman, David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic, Japan Ingenious, Five Times Five: Japan, René Lavand: Mysteries of My Life, Sankey Panky, Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts, Williamson’s WondersSeriously Silly, and many more. This will be Kaufman and Company’s second appearance at MAGIC Live!


Losander Inc.

In 2009, Dirk Losander and Luna Shimada formed Losander Inc., specializing primarily in levitation and animation effects. Dirk is the creator of the Losander Floating Table, which is now known worldwide and performed in thousands of shows. The Las Vegas-based company takes pride in only producing high-quality products, all handcrafted by Dirk or his father Arnold Losacker. No two items are alike. Each one is unique. The company also offers an array of unique products, ranging from DVDs to original close-up effects. There’s also Dirk’s popular Bubble Zombie, along with his secret formula Bubble Liquid. Losander Inc., now owned and operated by Dirk, has participated in every MAGIC Live since its beginnings.


The Magic Apple

Brent Arthur James Geris is the owner of The Magic Apple in Studio City, California, just a few minutes from The Magic Castle. The store, which just celebrated its eleventh anniversary, carries a large selection of DVDs, tricks, books and, of course, jokes and pranks. Lectures, featuring some of the top names in magic, are held once a month in the shop. In 2013, they celebrated a decade in business by releasing The Magic Apple LIVE, a hard-cover book with previously unreleased material from over twenty magicians. Whether you’re a full-time pro or a seven-year-old kid, the staff at The Magic Apple is always willing to help promote and advance the art of magic. This will be the third time The Magic Apple has been a dealer at MAGIC Live.



All of the effects in the MagicSmith line are produced by Chris Smith. They’re designed and manufactured to be enjoyed today and for future generations. A few of the most popular products are Mark’s Magic Set (sold at Disney theme parks), Big Bang, Lightning, Departure, Super Sharpie, Flesh Wound, and most recently, Ignition and Flash Tray. Chris has collaborated on a number of creative projects with well-known magicians including Gregory Wilson, Mark Jenest, Paul Green, Johnny Ace Palmer, Erica Maurin, Aaron Fisher, Nathan Kranzo, Jim Pace, Mike Wong, Carl Andrews, and Curtis Kam. This will be MagicSmith’s fourth appearance at MAGIC Live!



MagicTalent.com was born from an idea to raise money for magicians’ charities. “The way to help magicians is to help magicians find their audiences, and make it easier for audiences to find magicians that best suit their own interests.” MagicTalent.com promises to be the preferred worldwide directory toward that goal. An interactive advertising platform, which showcases each magician by identifying their talents, with portraits, videos, and calendar features, including direct links and commission-free referral services. Deana Murray and Sheri Proctor first launched this idea at MAGIC Live in 2013 under the wings of the Stevens Magic Booth. Pledging and delivering on the promise of donating 10% of all income to otherwise benefit our magic community, they are looking forward to returning to MAGIC Live 2015 with a booth of their own.



Magic Wladimir

Magic Wladimir has been in business since 1988, founded by FISM prize-winner Vladimir “Magic Wladimir” Mikek. The company specializes in close-up, table-hopping, and platform magic, and is well known for Wladimir’s Vanishing Radio and Zupan’s Money Printer. Wladimir’s Magic Shop is located in Maribor, Slovenia, EU, where they maintain a studio for lectures, school and the invention of new routines. This will be Magic Wladimir’s first appearance at MAGIC Live!



Mike Michaels

Since childhood, Mike Michaels, also known as the Mechanical Magician, always knew he could build what he pictured in his mind. In 2009, after some short time with Bill Smith at Magic Ventures, Mike started creating magic props with his own unique designs and concepts: Scorpion, Jaws of Death, Ejection Seat, Search light, Floating Chopper, and an Appearing Helicopter. He thoroughly enjoys using new approaches for his magic props, attempting to fill a missing space in the industry. He has an artistic eye for details and his goal is not only to have audiences appreciate an illusion, but also for magicians themselves to enjoy looking at them as much as using them. Mike has always challenged himself to come up with outstanding displays at Magic Live. This year, he’ll again be bringing something new to his booth. But, of course.





Meir Yedid Magic was founded in 1979 in New York City when Meir’s first marketed trick, Mirror Miracle, was released. Since that time MyMagic has released several hundred books, DVDs, routines, and supplies. Along the way, they also absorbed many magic companies and lines of products including: Jeff Stewart, Richard Kaufman’s Videos, A-1 Magical Media, Magic Video Network, Ron Frost, Ray Piatt, Jose De La Torre, Mike Bornstein, Ray Goulet Publishing, Magic Ian Sutz, and others. MyMagic, which is now located in New Jersey, has also released outstanding magic by a distinguished list of magicians from A to Z — Harry Anderson to Herb Zarrow. Meir is promising to release some new and exciting products at Magic Live!




Nielsen Magic

Nielsen Magic has been in business since 1956, specializing in an exclusive line of magicians’ supplies. They are known for the Nielsen Vanishing Bottles, their manipulation supplies, the Nielsen Vanishing Dove Cage, and the Okito-Nielsen line of props. In 1991, they added magic posters to the business, and are now the number one source of original magic posters on the Internet. They buy, sell, and trade original magic posters, and also reproduce images from their private poster collection, which is the largest in the United States. Nielsen Magic is a mom-and-pop business, owned and managed by Norm and Lupe Nielsen, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most of their items are handcrafted by them in their workshop, and proudly made in the United States. Norm and Lupe have taken part in every MAGIC Live produced, and we look forward to having them join us in 2015.



Paul Richards Magic

While Paul Richards Magic may be a new name, you’ll certainly recognize the face. As the founder and former owner of Elmwood Magic, Paul has created and produced magic for a long list of magic notables: Jay Sankey, Peter Duffie, Cameron Francis, Mark Elsdon, Joshua Jay, and Jon Allen, just to name a few. Having stepped away from general magic retail, Paul is now focusing solely on introducing original magic to the marketplace. He’s been a party of every MAGIC Live to date, and he’s especially excited to bring his new venture to our dealer room floor in 2015.


Penguin Magic

In the early 2000s, two young college students — one with a passion for magic (Acar Altinsel, pronounced “ajar”) and one with a passion for marketing (Maxwell Murphy, pronounced “max-well”) — started a small website and turned their two-bedroom apartment into a makeshift warehouse. Their commitment to customer service, and offering the best pricing, allowed them to grow the website into one of the world’s largest magic retailers, Penguin Magic. Two years ago, the company launched Penguin Live, offering a live lecture every Sunday that can be streamed or downloaded. To date, over 140 lectures have been broadcast, including top names in the industry. The 2015 schedule includes Dynamo, Derren Brown, and David Berglas. This August will be Penguin Magic’s first time as a vendor at MAGIC Live!


Potter & Potter

Potter & Potter is a Chicago auction house specializing in the sale of paper Americana, vintage advertising, rare books, playing cards, gambling memorabilia, posters, prints, and “magicana” — antiques and collectibles focused on magic and magicians. Previous sales have included record-setting auctions of the estates and personal property of nearly every great magician and collector of the 20th century, including Houdini posters and handcuffs, Cardini’s tuxedo, Dai Vernon silhouettes and his own close-up case, and much more. This will be the third time Potter & Potter has conducted a live auction at Magic Live! Full-color auction catalogs for the sale are available in the P&P booth, and are free to all attendees of the convention.



ProMystic has been in business since 2008 and is dedicated to providing leading-edge technology to advancing the art of mentalism and magic. Craig Filicetti, founder of ProMystic and a working mentalist/magician, is an electrical engineer with a Masters degree and over twenty years of experience in new-product development. He has a staff of engineers constantly working to bring you products that will allow you to perform in ways you never thought possible. All designs and manufacturing are done in-house with the highest quality materials available. This will be ProMystic’s fourth time attending MAGIC Live!



RE Hand Crafted

Ryan Edwards, owner/operator of RE Hand Crafted, has dedicated the last fifteen years life to the magic industry as a creator and designer. Finally releasing his products to the general public just over a year ago, his website has exploded and Ryan’s products have hit the hands of the top pros in the world. From custom card clips to beautiful close-up pads, that’s just the start for RE. According to Edwards, there are lots of new products in the works, from books to decks. He’s promising a few of these surprises to be released at RE’s first MAGIC Live appearance in 2015.



Rings-N-Things’ metal magic apparatus has been produced and manufactured in the USA since 1976. The brand includes Zombie Balls, Lota Vases, Benson Bowls, Rice Bowls, Chick Pans, and Dove Pans. Rings-N-Things makes the largest selection of Cups & Balls and Chop Cups in the world; currently manufacturing thirty different Cups & Balls sets and ten different styles of Chop Cups, available in aluminum, copper, antique bronzed, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, black chrome-plated, and 24Kt gold-plated finishes. They make crochet balls in ten different sizes, each available in ten different colors, and they’ve produced the industry’s first adjustable magnetic ball. This will be the second time Rings-N-Things has been a dealer at Magic Live!



Send Wonder

Not only a writer for MAGIC Magazine, Jamie D. Grant has also been a vendor at the past three MAGIC Lives! His very first Live saw him selling his Anything Is Possible bottles (featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not) and, since then, he has brought something new every time. Whether it’s his Industrial Revelation (winner of the Magic Café’s “Trick of the Year” contest), or his book The Approach (which won the ‘Book of the Year’), Jamie can be expected to make his booth something you don’t want to miss. This August, be sure to visit Jamie’s Send Wonder Lounge, make some new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Showtime Magic

Showtime Magic continues to build on the legacy of the late Joe Lefler’s popular Pro Suitcase Tables. Now with a host of new improvements, options, and accessories, Showtime is the go-to supplier for quality magicians’ tables and stage accessories. The extensive product line includes Hank Moorehouse’s Cube Tables, side tables, table bases, pet carriers, and much more, all crafted with the highest quality materials in Showtime’s Phoenix workshop. Owner Christopher Weed looks forward to meeting everyone at MAGIC Live 2015.



Stevens Magic Emporium

Since it’s opening in 1975, Stevens Magic Emporium has been owned and operated by the Stevens family — Joe, Martha, and Mark. It’s a magic boutique, specializing in unusual, professional props for magicians and mentalists. They’re proud of their service and integrity, as well an extensive line of props, books, and DVDs, having traveled the world to find unique items and build longstanding relationships with so many international dealers. They currently offer over 100 exclusive or semi-exclusive items in their line. The Stevens family was also responsible for starting the Desert Magic Seminar in Las Vegas with Siegfried & Roy, as well as launching the Greater Magic Library back in the 1980s. Today, they’re probably the only magic dealer to print and mail a catalog of magical items every two months. It was great having them join us for the first time in 2013, and we’re looking forward to seeing them at MAGIC Live 2015!



Subdivided Studios

SUBDIVIDEDSTUDIOS INC. has been making custom products for over seven years, and is now the leading manufacturer of close-up tables in the magic community. Founded in sunny Florida, they strive to create products that not only look great, but also function well. Every item goes through a rigorous quality check, so that nothing leaves the studio that isn’t up to their highest standards — basically that your product will be more than you wanted it to be. This will be their second visit to MAGIC Live!


Tom Yurasits Productions

Tom Yurasits has been in business since 1982, designing and producing limited edition and custom-made products for the professional magician. He has created and built effects for close-up, stand-up, stage, illusions, mentalism, and escapes, and his props can be seen in theaters, TV shows, movies, and theme parks around the world. Since he is a full-time professional magician, he knows that a working entertainer counts on reliability and quality in craftsmanship to help make a show successful, so his designs have all been audience tested. Tom has attended all six previous Magic Live conventions, and 2015 will mark his third year as a dealer.