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When does MAGIC Live begin and end?

The opening celebration kicks off on Sunday, August 2, 2020. Registration is open throughout the day so that you can get signed up and settled in.

The convention will end late on the night of Wednesday, August 5. If you do have to take a flight out Wednesday night, we suggest you book it after midnight. Of course, we would encourage you to spend Wednesday night at the hotel to relax and enjoy all the time possible with new and old friends.

When will you be announcing who's booked at MAGIC Live?

We sincerely believe that mystery and surprise are a big part of magic, and a big part of this unique event. So, we will not be releasing the names of presenters or performers prior to the convention. Bottom line, this makes for better shows.

Can I buy a day pass or tickets to the shows?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell day passes or show tickets a la carte.

Do you have assigned seating?

Over the years, we’ve learned that the problem with assigned seating is that we don’t know where you would prefer to sit. Some people don’t mind the sides if they can sit in the front, others don’t mind the rear if they can be in the center. What is a great seat to one person can be displeasing to another. So…

We have a seating system based on the boarding passes used on Southwest Airlines. Basically, each attendee is assigned to a seating group, determined by their registration date. Group A enters the theater first, then Group B, etc.

Seating group assignments will be made in order of registration, as will first choice of show times for performances.

Can I buy a pass to visit the dealer room?

We consider the Dealer Room one of the “shows” of the convention, thus we require a Registration to visit it. We do not have Dealer Room badges available.

How big is the dealer room?

Our 17,000 sq. ft. dealer room offers over 50 companies demonstrating the finest, newest, and most exciting magic routines, props, and theatrical accessories available today.

How do I sign up to be a dealer?

For information about the dealers room, please contact us.

HIDE When will I receive my email to pick my showtimes?

Emails asking you to select showtimes and events have all been sent out.

The ticketing site will close at the end of day on July 13th. After that, our staff will assign ticket schedules.

This list of Frequently Asked Questions will be added to as we go along. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please contact us and we’ll get you an answer.

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